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Welcome to my blog. Let's take a walk on the bus side of life. Buses have become a preferred mode of commercial transport for very many people. Bus travel started off as a convenient means of moving many passengers from one point to the next. However as distances grew and with them passenger needs, changes... Continue Reading →

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Travel Report Aboard Modern Kanyari KBY 450V By Ben Hongo: Date Of Travel 11th July, 2017

Unplanned journeys can sometimes make you run around like a headless Western delicacy. Fortunately for me I had a backup plan. Modern online ticketing platform. I got to the Kisumu office expecting a P360 to be the least. While there I had a change of heart, no sleep for me and that meant kusoma ligi.... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Mash Cool Higer KBZ 501L from by Ian Kung’u aka Azul – Travel Date 31st May, 2017

In an honest truth, this was not my bus of choice I had wanted the mapenzi fare or the 9pm bus because I had an engagement in Nairobi the next morning. I had requested for a seat to be locked for me on either of the two but alas it was not to be! The... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Simba Coach P360 OptiCruise Christened ‘Habari Mnayo’ by Volkan Kalama – Travel Date 25th May, 2017

Now when you get to love a bus, you give it part of your heart, I rode a P360 and since then I’ve always wanted to sample one. So the only P360 that was within my range was Simba Coach. As every proper gentleman does I called Boss Robert Nyale to book a date with... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Dreamline F310 KBR 394B Christened ‘DREAM TYME ‘ by JM Baraza aka Karakoram Blake

Phase I _____________________ Route: Nairobi - Mombasa Departure Time: 13h03 Company: DreamlineExpress Vessel Type: Scania F310HB 6X2, Banbros built Vessel Tags: KBR 394B, "DREAM TYME" Tragedy knocks on the door of Karakoram, and necessitates his travel at short notice to the coast. Driving myself there is temporarily out of the question for reasons that don't... Continue Reading →

Travel Report onboard Dreamline KCK 266C Scania P360 OptiCruise Christened Long Live The Dream By Ben Hongo – Travel Date 12th May, 2017

Date : 12th May, 2017 Company: Dreamline Bus: KCK 266C Scania P360 OptiCruise I had missed literally all MBB events and it was majorly because I had not purposed to attend. I wasn't going to miss this event at Lady Hope Centre. I called Calvo on Thursday to make sure that I got myself a... Continue Reading →

Booking Habits #TBT

Reservations are as old as travelling itself. Its the norm across different methods of transport from shuttles, buses, trains, ships to planes. It affords you peace of mind and you are able to select the seat you want and in some cases, advance booking affords one discounts and special fares. Funny question, how would you... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Spanish KBS 035W Christened ‘El Classico’ by Hil Senior – Travel Date 21st April, 2017

Date 21st april 17 Company: Spanish Coach Machine: KBS 035W Route: Nairobi to Mombasa These are the trips that come up abruptly and you really need a person you can rely on. Prince Musau and Iyan Brian M'c Barasa did not let me down. By the way, they have served me so many times these... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Roadside Declarations

We often make preparations for every journey that we embark on. The prepping varies from packing a bag, negotiating with the host, saving some pocket money for use while on the trip, booking a seat. In some cases, other travellers usually fortify their stomachs with pre journey meals to ensure non-interrupted voyages. However, nobody can... Continue Reading →

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