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Welcome to my blog. Let's take a walk on the bus side of life. Buses have become a preferred mode of commercial transport for very many people. Bus travel started off as a convenient means of moving many passengers from one point to the next. However as distances grew and with them passenger needs, changes... Continue Reading →

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The Diary of A Booking Clerk – Little Miss Jackson

Someone once said that a wise man picks his fights carefully. I was clearly out gunned on this matter of her going abroad but I was determined to make Miss Jackson my ride or die partner for the few remaining days. We would be the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Things had gotten intense between... Continue Reading →

The Diary Of A Booking Clerk – The Secret Admirer

Monday mornings are everybody's nightmare. Having come from a tantalising weekend, probably spent imbibing contents of long necks, unknown cocktails as well as savouring the company of very beautiful lasses, one tends to be disoriented and clueless. Others pray for the day to end very fast while some who are grossly affected will call in... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Simba P360 KCJ 387 Christened ‘Say My Name’ by Ben Hongo – Travel Date Saturday 27/01/2018

Simba One called to ask whether I was heading back the same evening. He knows my home, fortunately for me Simba does ply my route. He knows my love for Banbros and more especially on the P360 chasis. Say My Name KCJ a twin sister to the legendary Drum Your Own Beat, my favorite of... Continue Reading →

The Diary of A Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Near Miss

With sugar on your lips and some stuck on your beard, it takes guts to keep denying that you weren't the one licking the sugar straight from the jar. The dossier had photos of Miss Jackson somewhere in the leafy suburbs of the city. I needed tact to help wiggle myself of my current predicament... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Dossier

Evening dispatches may look simple but they are the toughest of them all. Unlike day departures that are spread through the day, evening departures are spread over a relatively short period. Time gets limited and you have to ensure that all passengers board the buses. It becomes a nightmare when a passenger fails to board... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Jeans

It's hard to perform a task that needs concentration when another more important task is also pending. That's was the situation then in my house. The food I had specially prepared was yet to be eaten and Miss Jackson was also here, waiting for me to finish eating so that we could sort things out.... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – The Nine Lives of Miss Jackson

The night wore away in ways other than how I had planned. I was unsettled and even my green snack wasn't as relaxing as it had always been. I had a number of questions I wanted answered but whose answers I wasn't yet ready for. Why was Miss Jackson at that function to begin with?... Continue Reading →

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