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Welcome to my blog. Let’s take a walk on the bus side of life.

Buses have become a preferred mode of commercial transport for very many people. Bus travel started off as a convenient means of moving many passengers from one point to the next. However as distances grew and with them passenger needs, changes had to be made. Slowly bus makers started paying attention to the wants of the bus traveler. Because of this, modern buses are almost resembling offices and homes with amenities like huge entertainment screens, tablets, charging ports and high speed internet, seats that recline, sleeping berths while some very luxurious buses have lavatories in them.

Kenya has not lagged behind when it comes to buses. Imports from Europe and the East can be seen on our roads and with them a host of features intended to make travel fun, comfortable and very enjoyable. Notable features would include very beautiful interiors, well done with no room for error, air conditioning to tame the harsh weather, on board entertainment with customized entertainment personal to every seat, coolers that store refreshments at desirable temperatures. The need for balance between function and form has meant that there is no compromise beneath that mass of moving comfort. The mechanics to move these semi-homes and semi-offices are very powerful and very advanced. The engines are big and powerful and the suspensions very comfortable.

Local fabricators have been forced to up their game. Buses coming off the local production lines are getting better and better both in looks and in functions.

I will continually look at the growth of bus travel both locally and internationally. I will take you on bus journeys from the comfort of your keyboard, share travel experiences, schedules and where appropriate advise on how best to get from one destination to the next.

Feel free to comment on the posts and register to ensure that you never miss on a post.

Thank you.

Bribist .


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