Travel Report Aboard Dreamline Kanyari KBR 394B by Hil Senior – Travel Date 17th April, 2017

Date: 17th April
Machine: KBR 394B
Company: Dreamline.

So I got my seat from Nyali office. These guys Never disappoint. Due to the mad Easter rush, buses from Mtwapa were full except for the 10:45pm bus. I am told it has some spaces. The guy specifically says, “Kwanza yawezakua zile unapenda.” Am now starting to get happy!
Come 9:20pm and I was at the office. I was to connect from Nyali to town in a Yutong, where I woulf find my bus waiting. It seemed fair enough. At around 9:40pm The Yutong came along. KCG 111K in all her beauty. I headed for VIP 1 pap, since I had learnt that the occupant would board in town. The view from that seat…… HEAVENLY!! The captain, Amos pushes the beauty to town. Balaa!! Just outside mash offices, a certain Tudor mathree decided he was so fast and slim to squeeze his way…. Amos had to brake hard! That idiot still managed to scrape on us from the passenger door side. Amos quickly assessed the situation and got the bus away from the matatu. Nothing major. The matatu driver decided to flee the scene! But then stopped at Simba offices. Silly dude this one! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Amos cut his way and gave him a piece of his mind. And off we went to the office. I had to alight since it was not my bus. It was 10:10pm. Sure enough it left at 10:15pm One thing about this Yutong…. That VIP setup is awesome! And very comfy!
I secured my bag and called my little brother (never mind he is bigger than me in size) Firelord Azulon. I found him opposite Mash, pale sisi huketi kupiga picha. Mandela Kyalo knows. We snapped Mash Higer Lady in red as she left for 047 and also115 (I will tell U why this is important later). We did some bus hunting here and there. We then bumped into Shariff Jamal and said hi. Then something happened, KBW 085D KCE 219X and KBR 394B all showed up. All in quick succession. Remember what the guy at Nyali had said? I was now spoilt for choice! All of these are super machines. I would not mind any boarding any!
Tick tock….. am in 394B and departure is set for 10:56pm. Considering the rush…. I was ok with the 11mins delay. In fact I was surprised with how 219 filled up pretty quick and left.on to my seat and the seat recline…. wueh!! Mpaka I had to ask the guy behind me kama ako sawa. That legroom, wacha tu.
We hit the highway with not much action. But Superhighway 45 Sacco ndio zilijaa kwa njia! Kahawa imeiva, sijui Githurai wanatembea na nini. For entertainment they had sweet old school bongo playing. Kufika diversion some action…. Chania executive soma mkeka. Several Nganyas from Nairobi too. A Green Coast bus, Palmers, Golden Crown…. woote wakae nyuma. Then 2 Genesis after the diversion.
From my seat, I could not feel potholes or bumps. I slept off. Real sleep. Maybe I even snored.
I woke up at Mtito. Time was around 2:47am. Now here there was some good stuff. As I do my normal snapping, something beautiful passes. Wait… is that the red Mash? I craned my neck to take a closer look. Yes!! It was the one entering their stop over at shell! We must have passed her in Voi if at all she had stopped. Ama alisomeshwa mkeka kama nalala. (Now you know the importance)
Then guess who I saw opening doors for passengers just after our bus. It was 219X! Dude you left like 20mins before us na tumefika pamoja? As if that was not enough, 111K was parked behind a Mombasa raha. I noticed nobody inside meaning ndio walikuwa wamefika pia! Almost with 45mins lead before us! Then I saw captain Amos. I moved over to catch up. “Tumefika pamoja mzee” I said.
He asks..”uko na ipi?” Me -“394”. He then states my most favourite phrase….. “Hio ni Scania boss. Alafu bus yenyewe yajua njia! Hio iwache tu bana” The feeling I got….. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Feeling kinda satisfied, I crossed the road over to Mash to capture some more pictures. Lady in red is seated, literally. Higers can do that. Then in came lady in Blue she was beautiful but decided to park so far away!!😬😬
We left Mtito at 03.19am and just before Kibwezi it started raining goats and sheep. Not much action on the highway……. only Crown Bus was giving us a hard time overtaking and the many Githurai buses.
Rain restricted my view and the New captain this time round seemed to also be having some hard time with the rain. His assistant kept wiping the wind shield for him but not the other side. Thanks to him I could not see outside clearly! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
We checked in into Mlolongo at 6.45am. Few minutes later I was alighting at GM. Thanks to Nairobi traffic. Mash 070,102 and Modern 001S passed by.
My Ratings:
Overall bus condition: 9/10
Crew: 10/10
Entertainment: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Customer complains: 0
Crew complains:0
Notable Observation:
The front seat when reclined, interferes with the charging sockets. It may even damage a charger that is connected. This is common in many buses. Can fabricators position them away from the seats just a little bit?


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