Travel Report Aboard Spanish KBS 035W Christened ‘El Classico’ by Hil Senior – Travel Date 21st April, 2017

Date 21st april 17
Company: Spanish Coach
Machine: KBS 035W Route: Nairobi to Mombasa

These are the trips that come up abruptly and you really need a person you can rely on.
Prince Musau and Iyan Brian M’c Barasa did not let me down. By the way, they have served me so many times these guys. I always feel appreciated. I hit the office and Musau goes like ”Patia Hil ile seat anataka…… in fact mpee VIP 3” The feeling was awesome, knowing I would have my moments watching the ligii!
Scheduled departure time was 8.30 but a certain lady decided to make it 8.42. It is alright. I kept my cool. There was no way I was getting my day spoilt. (Or was it night). To cap it all, the choice of music by this captain was just awesome! Rhumba no joke! You can never go wrong with Rhumba. We all know Nairobi traffic and how ‘nicely’ it can mess you up. We hit Msa road well past 9pm.
Wallaby Next called me as we got to Nyayo Stadium, he was in Mash headed to town with Sam De Parto. We had a pick at capital centre and left immediately after. At Athi River we found Dream 219X, Cool and Genesis, both MK210’s, and we swiftly overtook them all.
Was it Izaq Ding who had asked whether the Chanias run on Jet A1? They do. After a span of like 10 mins we became their minced meat. They made me feel like we were moving in reverse, both flying past us in very quick succession! I had to check our speedo, just to be sure. It was stagnant at 80kph.
Not much action on the road at this time considering most buses had not left. But those MKB210s……Blimey!!. They made me realise so much.
Arrival at Mtito was at 12:55am and we were welcomed by two Tahmeeds. As we disembarked, I saw DL 219X pass by heading for Rubi Restaurant. Then crown arrived. Fully and well lit! This bus is beautiful! Its a lighthouse. Some snapping here and there, then back to our bus for the rest of the trip. We left at 1:17am.
We passed Rubi and I noticed DL 086 loading up. This was going to be fun! As we hit the forest 2 big Jumbos welcomed us. They were grazing peacefully on the roadside. I wished my camera was on! We continued on our journey. We were now meeting many buses from 001 heading up to Nairobi. Then all of a sudden 086 swiiiiiiid…. past us. His timing was great! But that series of buses huwa ziko noma…. Hatukuiona tena. It went and disappeared as we were trying to overtake a chain of trucks.
035 still kicks it. We overtook a certain Executive near Manyani and we did not see it again! Maybe it stopped at Voi. Fast forward to Samburu, the diversion made me wake up. Not much noise came from the body or from the suspension. It all seemed just fine! As we got to Changamwe round about, 086 showed up from the Magongo side. It must have stopped those sides for some time.
Check in Msa 5:55pm.
My Ratings:
Crew: 10/10 the driver, though unfamiliar to me is one talkative and cool guy! And his conductor is another funny guy!
Entertainment: 9/10
Overall bus condition: 9/10 (I loved 035 even before the refurb)
Crew complains: 0
Customer complains: 0


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