Travel Report Aboard Modern Kanyari KBY 450V By Ben Hongo: Travel Date 11th July, 2017

Unplanned journeys can sometimes make you run around like a headless Western delicacy. Fortunately for me I had a backup plan. Modern online ticketing platform. I got to the Kisumu office expecting a P360 to be the least. While there I had a change of heart, no sleep for me and that meant kusoma ligi. I upgraded my ticket in a few easy steps even though I missed out on the discount. Bus was slightly late and it was a Gemilang.
This is a Gemilang that has a P410 heart deep within. The way it picks, the way it brakes, the downshifts. This particular bus has been on duty in almost every route covered by Modern Coast.
I noticed someone who looked like Jameson Ngige but I wasn’t sure so I googled Marvin Karlito and he confirmed. I introduced myself. Cool, friendly, talkative chap. Namuita Mwalimu wa Becker Mohammed, at which he laughed and went about ensuring everyone was belted and seated.
Journey started a little aggressively and it was clear it was going to be an enjoyable one. I had missed out on VIP seats but the 1st class was comfortable enough. It offered a semblance of a 3D view. I have always enjoyed it when the crew engage each other on a common footing. They were talking about days gone by when drivers used to do return journeys on their own. The discussion shifted to great drivers, to passive conductors and finally on the late driver(Sauti Soul), may his soul RIP. It got a little sad at this point. They all had nice things to say. It was particularly tough for Jameson Ngige given he survived the accident.
I got a bottle of water and an overdose of serious Rhumba.
23:30 found is at Ahero. We met with Simba leading the sprint to Kampala, with Dreamline KCG in hot pursuit and Kalita somewhere behind. Mash was UAZ 228 was far behind at Awasi.
The Rhumba, at some point I even thought it was my flash disk playing.
Greenband driving, and speeds below 80kph. The annoying beep was absent yet we maintained speeds below 80kph. Must just be discipline. Kaitui at a steady 70kph, we had to slow down to let some truck hogging the lanes have a field day which didn’t last long. Downshift to 5th, indicate toa kichwa and be gone. Rhumba had swiftly moved to Bongo. The charging system had tripped. Somewhere at the back someone must have been boiling some maize.
00:20 the bus was at Kapsoit, we met with Dreamline KCA and Mash Touring with a gap of about 200metres. Glow in the dark detailing all over that bus.
00:34 Kericho
Amatilde was the 2nd casualty after a certain MV belonging to Nairobi Bus. Not much activity so I decided to snooze a bit.
01:15 Kedowa
01:31 Mau Summit. We encountered a Greenline Kanyari and my thoughts were on Ligii. Our driver didn’t engage. A certain Buscar, very yellow in colour was heading in the opp direction, prolly Kampala. It was late as it appeared hence the hurry. We momentarily lost lane discipline. It was drizzling and the single wiper was trying its best.
01:51 Salgaa. We caught up with Chuma Liet Pa, a couple of other buses among them Nairobi Bus, Mbukinya, Greenline etc. I propped up myself for the mild hill climb on the stretch that lay ahead. We did well but lost to Greenline and Nyamira and a couple Noahs. The Njoro interchange looks good already.
The Pit stop was at Jetco. This place is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite spot. Jameson announced that we had 10mins. I smiled because I knew what that meant. Pax would rush yet the crew would get 10mins per person making that 30mins. I went about taking photos. WEC was there even Jaguar.
Twenty five minutes later and the crew came back fully accessorised and ready for the 2nd part of the safari. Drivers switched places. We had just joined the highway, when we fell victim to a Dreamline bus from Kampala. We must have been very late for this to happen. More highway buses headed in the opp direction among them Crown, Mash, Coast, Modern and Tahmeed including their KBT Kanyari fresh from refurb. The Higers can mulika bana, waaah!
The second driver was less aggressive, seemed to enjoy stiff braking and couldn’t seem to be able to press the clutch pedal all the way in. The result; teeth grinding crunches. At least he observed lane discipline and his Rhumba collection was superb. He also managed to unhide the Omata beep, which could now be heard.
03:26 Kikopey
There was totally no activity so I engaged limp mode.
04:48 We hit the greatwall.
05:03 Uthiru. Kidero took a couple of photos of us as we became incorporated into Nairobians.
05:25 bus halts at the new offices along River road. I left for my next engagement after exchanging a few nice words with Jameson Ngige.
Lively first half crew, Ngige and the initial driver. They seemed to enjoy their moments together.
Refreshments served to VIP and 1st class only. Kudos but extend this to every passenger.
Speed was good, lane discipline was wanting, we veered off a couple of times, scary.
Entertainment was very good.
Redo the charging system so that the circuit breakers are actually inside the bus and not in one of the boots.
2nd wiper and also wiper liquid should function. It can be a tricky affair when it pours.
There was a wobble at low speeds, please address that.
Kindly fumigate the bus esp in the hard to reach areas. I got visitors at the smell of food and spent the rest of the journey uneasy and in the dark wondering who else was next to me.
No overall rating


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