The Diary of A Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Near Miss

With sugar on your lips and some stuck on your beard, it takes guts to keep denying that you weren't the one licking the sugar straight from the jar. The dossier had photos of Miss Jackson somewhere in the leafy suburbs of the city. I needed tact to help wiggle myself of my current predicament... Continue Reading →


The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Dossier

Evening dispatches may look simple but they are the toughest of them all. Unlike day departures that are spread through the day, evening departures are spread over a relatively short period. Time gets limited and you have to ensure that all passengers board the buses. It becomes a nightmare when a passenger fails to board... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Jeans

It's hard to perform a task that needs concentration when another more important task is also pending. That's was the situation then in my house. The food I had specially prepared was yet to be eaten and Miss Jackson was also here, waiting for me to finish eating so that we could sort things out.... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – The Nine Lives of Miss Jackson

The night wore away in ways other than how I had planned. I was unsettled and even my green snack wasn't as relaxing as it had always been. I had a number of questions I wanted answered but whose answers I wasn't yet ready for. Why was Miss Jackson at that function to begin with?... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Exit…No Exit Miss Jackson

Ever tried walking away from something at a place you don't know? Every turn, corner you take leads you back to what you have been trying to escape from. Twice I had to come to where Miss Jackson was. She had noticed my presence and had quickly tried to pry herself from her male company.... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Modern Coast P410 KCH 832T by Saif Kutif – Travel Date 24th October 2017

Travel report on board MCEL KCH 832T. Date: 24th 0ct 2017 By: Saif Kutif Those who have visited this land of matoke (mini-Uganda) will testify to the fact that we never miss rain in the afternoon. Its around 3 in the afternoon and just before I step up of my little palace (uliza wenye wametembea)... Continue Reading →

The Diary Of a Booking Clerk – Back to Base

Nairobi can be quite hot despite buildings dotting every little available space. The void caused by the absence of trees is filled with vehicles parked all over every inch of that free space. The roads are not safe neither are the streets, verandas or parking bays. Simply put, you can't escape the sweltering heat from... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson

Zombie Mondays: this is that Monday after an extended weekend abusing your intestines and other internals with all sorts of alcohol, soft drinks, foods, various shades of lipstick and perfumes. Sweat is considered a perfume in certain quarters. To make it on such a day, you have to set your alarm into more than five... Continue Reading →

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