MBB Charity Event Season II on 4th Nov2017 by Tee Jay Katana

Just when I thought I was tall enough to troll midgets, I met Qty Shadya Mtoll. My feet had to leave the ground save for the tips of my toes to get my fair share of the hug we shared. I had slightly been rained on and even though Msa is always hot, I admit the... Continue Reading →


Travel Report Aboard Modern Coast P410 KCH 832T by Saif Kutif – Travel Date 24th October 2017

Travel report on board MCEL KCH 832T. Date: 24th 0ct 2017 By: Saif Kutif Those who have visited this land of matoke (mini-Uganda) will testify to the fact that we never miss rain in the afternoon. Its around 3 in the afternoon and just before I step up of my little palace (uliza wenye wametembea)... Continue Reading →

Travel Report to The Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja, Uganda courtesy on Modern Coast – Report by Saif Kutif 31st August, 2017

Part I : Mombasa to Nairobi   Am sitting idle (like I always do) and running "errands" on Facebook and its there that I come across a post on Modern Coast's page stating their "willingness" to sponsor 4 guys to Jinja in Uganda for the third edition of NYEGE NYEGE international music festival. I comment... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Dreamline Zhongtongs KCM 444B and KCM 611D by Timo Wallace Kimani aka Halfman – Travel Date 25th July, 2017

25th July, the fourth Tuesday of the month was a day, I would describe it as a special day specifically meant, packaged & sent down to me to have the best experience I’ll forever not forget. The day started off well, I had to meet my friend Mandela Kyalo in town early in the morning... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Modern Kanyari KBY 450V By Ben Hongo: Travel Date 11th July, 2017

Unplanned journeys can sometimes make you run around like a headless Western delicacy. Fortunately for me I had a backup plan. Modern online ticketing platform. I got to the Kisumu office expecting a P360 to be the least. While there I had a change of heart, no sleep for me and that meant kusoma ligi.... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Mash Cool Higer KBZ 501L from by Ian Kung’u aka Azul – Travel Date 31st May, 2017

In an honest truth, this was not my bus of choice I had wanted the mapenzi fare or the 9pm bus because I had an engagement in Nairobi the next morning. I had requested for a seat to be locked for me on either of the two but alas it was not to be! The... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Simba Coach P360 OptiCruise Christened ‘Habari Mnayo’ by Volkan Kalama – Travel Date 25th May, 2017

Now when you get to love a bus, you give it part of your heart, I rode a P360 and since then I’ve always wanted to sample one. So the only P360 that was within my range was Simba Coach. As every proper gentleman does I called Boss Robert Nyale to book a date with... Continue Reading →

Travel Report onboard Dreamline KCK 266C Scania P360 OptiCruise Christened Long Live The Dream By Ben Hongo – Travel Date 12th May, 2017

Date : 12th May, 2017 Company: Dreamline Bus: KCK 266C Scania P360 OptiCruise I had missed literally all MBB events and it was majorly because I had not purposed to attend. I wasn't going to miss this event at Lady Hope Centre. I called Calvo on Thursday to make sure that I got myself a... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Spanish KBS 035W Christened ‘El Classico’ by Hil Senior – Travel Date 21st April, 2017

Date 21st april 17 Company: Spanish Coach Machine: KBS 035W Route: Nairobi to Mombasa These are the trips that come up abruptly and you really need a person you can rely on. Prince Musau and Iyan Brian M'c Barasa did not let me down. By the way, they have served me so many times these... Continue Reading →

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