The Diary Of A Booking Clerk – The Secret Admirer

Monday mornings are everybody's nightmare. Having come from a tantalising weekend, probably spent imbibing contents of long necks, unknown cocktails as well as savouring the company of very beautiful lasses, one tends to be disoriented and clueless. Others pray for the day to end very fast while some who are grossly affected will call in... Continue Reading →


A Short Ride Inside The Mash Touring

The cancer walk had been a success, a big kudos to the organisers as well as participants. I decided to sample the much talked about 50M machine Version 1, the Mash Turismo silver in colour. I started off by sitting on the driver's seat. There was a series of hydraulic puffs and huffs as it... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Simba P360 KCJ 387 Christened ‘Say My Name’ by Ben Hongo – Travel Date Saturday 27/01/2018

Simba One called to ask whether I was heading back the same evening. He knows my home, fortunately for me Simba does ply my route. He knows my love for Banbros and more especially on the P360 chasis. Say My Name KCJ a twin sister to the legendary Drum Your Own Beat, my favorite of... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Modern Coast P410 KCH 832T by Saif Kutif – Travel Date 24th October 2017

Travel report on board MCEL KCH 832T. Date: 24th 0ct 2017 By: Saif Kutif Those who have visited this land of matoke (mini-Uganda) will testify to the fact that we never miss rain in the afternoon. Its around 3 in the afternoon and just before I step up of my little palace (uliza wenye wametembea)... Continue Reading →

Travel Report to The Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja, Uganda courtesy on Modern Coast – Report by Saif Kutif 31st August, 2017

Part I : Mombasa to Nairobi   Am sitting idle (like I always do) and running "errands" on Facebook and its there that I come across a post on Modern Coast's page stating their "willingness" to sponsor 4 guys to Jinja in Uganda for the third edition of NYEGE NYEGE international music festival. I comment... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Dreamline Zhongtongs KCM 444B and KCM 611D by Timo Wallace Kimani aka Halfman – Travel Date 25th July, 2017

25th July, the fourth Tuesday of the month was a day, I would describe it as a special day specifically meant, packaged & sent down to me to have the best experience I’ll forever not forget. The day started off well, I had to meet my friend Mandela Kyalo in town early in the morning... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Modern Kanyari KBY 450V By Ben Hongo: Travel Date 11th July, 2017

Unplanned journeys can sometimes make you run around like a headless Western delicacy. Fortunately for me I had a backup plan. Modern online ticketing platform. I got to the Kisumu office expecting a P360 to be the least. While there I had a change of heart, no sleep for me and that meant kusoma ligi.... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Mash Cool Higer KBZ 501L from by Ian Kung’u aka Azul – Travel Date 31st May, 2017

In an honest truth, this was not my bus of choice I had wanted the mapenzi fare or the 9pm bus because I had an engagement in Nairobi the next morning. I had requested for a seat to be locked for me on either of the two but alas it was not to be! The... Continue Reading →

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