The Diary of A Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Near Miss

With sugar on your lips and some stuck on your beard, it takes guts to keep denying that you weren't the one licking the sugar straight from the jar. The dossier had photos of Miss Jackson somewhere in the leafy suburbs of the city. I needed tact to help wiggle myself of my current predicament... Continue Reading →


The Diary of a Booking Clerk – Miss Jackson’s Jeans

It's hard to perform a task that needs concentration when another more important task is also pending. That's was the situation then in my house. The food I had specially prepared was yet to be eaten and Miss Jackson was also here, waiting for me to finish eating so that we could sort things out.... Continue Reading →

The Diary of A Booking Clerk – Karma Visits

Playing Tupac's 'Changes' got me charged this morning as I checked in passengers into the early morning departures. This job requires a bit of influence. Its akin to touting since you practically have to herd passengers into the waiting buses, you have to counter check before releasing buses to make sure no booked seat goes... Continue Reading →

The Diary Of a Booking Clerk, Day 2

Getting to work on this day, I felt like I was becoming part of the organisation. I had become a guru of manifests and ticketing though I was still restricted to a desk behind the tickets and parcels counter. I had been able to solve what I believed were technical issues involving deferred tickets, cancelled... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Dreamline F310 KBR 394B Christened ‘DREAM TYME ‘ by JM Baraza aka Karakoram Blake

Phase I _____________________ Route: Nairobi - Mombasa Departure Time: 13h03 Company: DreamlineExpress Vessel Type: Scania F310HB 6X2, Banbros built Vessel Tags: KBR 394B, "DREAM TYME" Tragedy knocks on the door of Karakoram, and necessitates his travel at short notice to the coast. Driving myself there is temporarily out of the question for reasons that don't... Continue Reading →

The Village Traveller #TBT

Those of you who were born and brought up in the village will agree with me that travelling was a big deal and more especially if you were going into the City(Nairobi). It was a village affair that involved almost if not all your relatives. People consulted widely and plans were laid down meticulously and... Continue Reading →

Travel Report Aboard Dreamline KCA 305R Christened ‘Dream Again’ – Travel Date 16th March, 2017

Spontaneous is always very very good. I had initially planned to use Simba Coach for this trip back to the village so while in town I decided to walk around. Mchagua nazi huishia kupata Koroma lakini ukiwa makini, utaishia na lulu. Simba KCG 888, Modern Coast Executive #1 and Dreamline KCA. I decided to call... Continue Reading →

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