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Modern Coast Bus Company is one of if not the biggest transport companies in Kenya today. With its headquarters in Mombasa, the company very humble beginnings and has grown to an almost household name when it comes to public transport.

MCEL as it is fondly referred to as and whose catch phrase is ‘Travel In Style’, has extended its coverage beyond the borders of Kenya to Tanzania, Uganda and recently Rwanda. Word on the ground is that Burundi and Ethiopia are in the works. Back home, their coverage is vast. Every few hours, there must be a Modern Coast bus amongst those passing by headed in either direction.

What sets aside MCEL from the other industry players? What gives the company an edge over its rivals? What has helped sustain and grow the business model? What is that mega secret? Well here are several major reasons as to why MCEL is taking over the industry.

  • Robust Fleet: MCEL boasts of a fleet of over 130 buses. The fleet is comprised of normal buses, the luxurious Scania Higer buses that are fully air conditioned with a very comfortable ride and the most modern entertainment personalised to every seat occupant. Then there is the executive series featuring reduced seating meaning more room. Picture a bus carrying 45 having only 33 seats. That’s unparalleled comfort. Word has it also that they recently imported Scania Touring buses. Modern Coast Is in pursuit of Ultimate Comfort for its clients.
  • Extensive Route Coverage: As already mentioned, Modern Coast buses ply all the major routes in the country with new ones being announced every month. Well this may seem normal for a transport company. MCEL has twisted the game a little. They exhaustively cover the routes with a clever model that ensures that one Centre is served by a number of buses headed for different destinations. As a result one can never miss a bus. They even have connecting buses, something only witnessed in the Airline industry. A customer can book a bus from Mombasa to Kigali or even Kigali to Dar. As long as Modern Coast goes there, any connection imaginable is possible.
  • Exemplary Customer Service: As expected, this area is well covered. Their staff are well trained and quite knowledgeable and more often than not, your problems get solved. Crew have been trained on the importance of a customer and it doesn’t end here, there are regular workshops to ensure that they adapt to the changing environments as well as customer needs, rising legislation and business dynamics.
  • Astounding Safety Record: This has been achieved through the hiring of competent people to operate the buses and ensuring that rules are set and obeyed. The buses always undergo rigorous checks before being assigned duty. Crew are constantly and remotely monitored, this ensures that mishaps are avoided. Safety workshops are also conducted every now and again. Board a Modern Coast bus and you are in good hands.
  • Technological Advancement: Modern Coast went all out in terms of technology. Customers can now enjoy benefits from the convenience of their phones. Book from the comfort of your home and pay and only proceed to the office to board the bus. Track your parcel from the moment it is booked in to the moment its collected by the recipient. But the benefits are not centred on the customer only, management can sit back and receive reports of revenues, fleet status, diagnostics and recently some specific vehicles can be monitored via on-board CCTV.
  • Parcel Service: Initially MCEL could only ferry parcels that could fit in the boot of a bus, not anymore. A fully fledged parcels department was established with scheduled bulk parcels collection and delivery. It doesn’t matter the size or where you want it to go, it will be delivered.
  • Other factors include a solid capital base. Means the business if rooted on a firm financial foundation that ensures it is able to stay afloat; Goodwill, mention MCEL and faces light up; Pedigree of previous successful businesses especially in the trucking world. Transport is the fodder they feed on.

Its hard to pinpoint a single factor from the above list to explain the continued success of MCEL. If you asked me, its a combination of the above and their passion to provide only the best to their customers while cementing their position in the Transport sector. The company is here to stay.

These appear to to indicate Modern Coast as being all about work and work with no play. MCEL too can play and when they play, they play BIG.

Modern Coast have their own in-house football team. Modern Coast Rangers, a team that is doing well in the Division 1. They also are in partnership with Mwamba RFC who are a powerhouse in the rugby scene. You may have noticed a bus specifically branded for Mwamba. Then there is the laugh industry. Modern Coast is the official transport provider for Kenya’s comedy King, Churchill. Again MCEL are in partnership with a branded bus and an events truck. In the past they also provided transport when Sauti Sol went on a grand tour of East Africa.

Modern Coast have also been involved in several charitable causes. They are known to sponsor less fortunate children through grants, bursaries, donations to schools, free transport in special cases among other ways of giving back to the community. They are also involved in drives for Peace, fight against Cancer, promoting safety among motorcycle riders and a special partnership with NTSA to spread the gospel of road safety.

Modern Coast Express LTD is determined to remain a key player in the public transport industry.

Think Travel, Think Modern.


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