Western Express Coach LTD

Western Express Coach Limited (WEC) was registered on November 2010 to carry out passengers and Courier transportation business in the republic of Kenya. The Company started operating in February 2011 with a fleet of Two Buses carrying passengers only. The fleet increased to 5 as of October 2012.
When it diversified into the delivery of parcels and letters, the fleet increased substantially. Currently it boasts a fleet of over 20 buses. Its a combination of Isuzu FRR and MV Buses and the latest Addition of Scania F310 buses. The buses are solely Fabricated by Master.
Initially WEC based its operations on the Nairobi-Kisumu-Kakamega route. It operates an Executive office based express service only. This means that the crew are prohibited from picking any passengers or luggage on non-designated points.
Occasionally WEC offers private hire.
With time, WEC has expanded its customer base and are offering more routes towards the Western region of Kenya. Some of the destinations include; Majengo, Mbale, Chavakali, Khayega, Kakamega, Shianda, Mumias, Bungoma, Busia, Luanda, Butere and many more….
You can book a bus to your favourite destination by either walking to head offices at Veew Plaza on River Road behind Crown Bus Offices or to any of the offices countrywide.
You can also call 0719 444 265 which is the Nairobi office and book. You then proceed and conveniently pay via MPESA.
WEC has the most competitive fare prices on the market. It operates on a flat based rate of Kshs. 1,000.00 for all its. destinations.

More about Western Express Coach LTD
To be an outstanding passenger and Courier service provider in the region.
To provide first class, Executive, Safe, Reliable and Express passenger and Parcels transport services in Kenya.

WEC’s Core Values:
Our Coaches are designed to allow comfort to the long distance travellers. With beautifully designed coaches which are not only spacious but are fitted with plush reclining seats on a luxury 2×2 configuration, our clients are guaranteed of a comfortable journey to a destination of their choice. Our coaches also feature state of the art entertainment.

WEC are committed to the safety of all passengers through observance of traffic rules. Our coaches are manned by two very competent and well trained Drivers at any given time.

WEC strives to maintain high standards of time management by operating an express bus service and observing strict departure times.

WEC undertakes strict vehicle maintenances schedules that ensures buses you can depend on the performance on the road. Incase of any unforeseen inconveniences, standby buses are always at hand to rescue and ensure continuation of the journey.

Security on Buses is guarantees through passenger and luggage screening and non-stoppage between designated destinations. Our offices are also located in the most secure places in the destination towns. Passengers don’t have to worry about themselves or their luggage.


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  1. Today the Mumias Bus has really inconvenienced us. The departure time was to be 7:45 am, then WEC apologized that it will leave at 8:30am it’s now 9:15 am and still no signs of leaving nor communication.


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